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Bumper Repair Shop In High Point Nc

Bumper Repair Shop In High Point Nc

The use of a bumper is quite specific. While most people think a bumper lessens or prevents a crash, it’s actually there to protect you. The bumper also protects the rear and front of the car. Bumpers are usually made of plastic, steel, rubber, or aluminum, which absorb shocks from accidents. Replacing this part if it's damaged or old is crucial as it protects the sensitive components of the vehicle. The bumper absorbs the energy from a crash and re-directs it towards the opposing object. Aycock Frame & Body Shop is a bumper repair shop in High Point, NC. Our technicians are highly skilled in replacing or fixing damaged or old bumpers.

How Can You Protect Your Bumper from Damage?

You can protect your bumper from damage by:

  • Keeping Your Distance on the Road – Keep a safe following distance between you and the car in front of you on the road. This ensures that in case of any sudden stops, you’ll not collide into them, damaging your bumper in the process. This tip is especially useful in heavy traffic.
  • Using A Bumper Protector – Use a front lip to protect your bumper from scratches and scrapes. A front lip is attached to the underside of the bumper and is useful when parking your car. It can be made of either fiberglass or rubber.
  • Using A Transparent Film – A transparent film may not offer any extra protection during a crash, but it prevents scraping and scratching on the bumper cover, thus keeping the paint job intact.

What is the Importance of Using A Bumper Guard?

Bumper guards are either bars of foam-filled pads placed in front of the bumper to provide additional protection. Here is why they are important:

  • When parking, you might run into fences, garage pillars, or poles. A guard absorbs the shock of this pressure, minimizing the chances of getting a dent on your bumper.
  • While the bumper protects the body of the car, the bumper guard protects the bumper in a collision. If you have a guard in place, the effect of the crash on the bumper will be greatly reduced.
  • A bumper guard can also serve as a cosmetic decoration to a vehicle. Bumper guards are available in various designs and colors that are suitable for different makes, models, and preferences.
  • Having a guard on your bumper can also save you a lot in money that you could have used to repair minor issues such as scrapes, small dents, and scratches. Having a steel bar guard can prevent serious damage to the bumper, which would otherwise cost a lot in repairs.

How to Clean A Car Bumper

Use car washing products and a brush with soft bristles to clean your bumper. The washing detergent and brush allow you to remove all the grime without disturbing the paint job. You can get the right detergent at an auto supply shop. After scrubbing, use concentrated white vinegar to wipe away any residue dirt or blotchy spots.

Keep Your Bumper in its Best Shape

At Aycock Frame & Body Shop, we can offer any kind of repairs you need on your vehicle’s bumper. We are a bumper repair shop in High Point, NC, that has been providing clients with world-class service for years, and we would like to do the same for you. Give us a call now on (336) 272-1313 for any queries about your bumper.

Bumper Repair Shop In High Point Nc
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Bumper Repair Shop In High Point Nc
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