Diesel Performance The Woodlands

Diesel Performance The Woodlands

Diesel technology has massive transformation history since the days of converting ultra-low sulfur to biodiesel. All the changes have led to efficient injection systems and better usage of every gallon of fuel for the maximum number of miles. There are 40 diesel models in the United States, from ten manufacturers. Buying a diesel-powered car is better because it is an investment that will eventually pay out.

Transmission repair in Spring TX of your diesel engine is what you need to enjoy peak performance. The Best Woodlands Diesel performance shop is the solution to running a perfect engine during all seasons throughout the year.

What to expect from our diesel performance in The Woodlands


The stock exhaust of most trucks and cars use a small diameter pipe with bends. One way we improve the diesel engine is to install a larger diameter exhaust with fewer curves. The exhaust will have better performance to support better horsepower and torque. The better airflow keeps low temperatures while helping the engine to have a longer life of the term.

Air intake

Airflow is the key to boosting a diesel car. The car’s power comes from the combustion of oxygen; hence an upgraded air intake kit will draw more air to the engine. The updated kit allows colder air from the outside to enter, whereas a smaller air intake pipe only keeps hot air with less oxygen for combustion. We ensure the best engine performance with improved airflow by tweaking or repairing the existing system.

Modify ECM

A modified ECM is one of the most effective diesel upgrades. However, it is not one of the upgrades you want to gamble by trying a DIY project. It takes the knowledge of skilled mechanics to tune, chip, and remap the system, so you do not end up with a blown-out engine or low emission. We have the experience to adjust the machine's pressure and timing so you can improve the horsepower.

Fuel injector

Old and worn out injectors do not do just service to a top-notch diesel engine. Fuel injectors bring energy to the combustion process; hence more life means the car will have more power. It is common to get a transmission service near Spring, TX, to demand better performance from the injectors. We check the injectors' condition for the best Diesel repair in The Woodlands, TX, so your car can get a higher fuel economy.


Upgrading the turbocharger completes the whole process of improving the combustion process. Installing a performance turbo kit is what you need to get the most power from the engine. We make sure to make necessary upgrades so your truck, SUV, or car can handle the turbo's power. It would help if you considered all other upgrade recommendations before requiring a turbo upgrade. Barsh Auto Service knows just the right sequence for you to get the most strength and longevity from the car.

Are you new to diesel cars? Do you know where you can get all the necessary diesel truck repair in The Woodlands? Give us a call (936-588-2010) to learn how we specialize in making the right diesel upgrades.


Diesel Performance The Woodlands
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